The 21st Awaji International Forum on Infection and Immunity
The 21st Awaji International Forum on Infection and Immunity

Call for Papers

Appointed speakers and poster presenters are required to submit their abstracts via the submission system.

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May 17 at 12:00PM JST - June 28 at 12:00PM JST July 10 at 12:00PM JST, 2023

Abstract Submission

Advance registration is required prior to submitting abstract. You will receive a registration number upon completing advance registration. Print it out or save it on your device, as you will need it to start abstract submission,
 Language: English
 Length of a title should be 200 chracters or less.
 Length of an abstract body should be 2,000 chracters or less.


Appointed Presentations (Session 01-12)

Oral sessions are presented by appointed speakers.
Presenters of regular presentations cannot select this category.

Regular Presentations (Poster Presentations)

We are taking applications for poster presentations.
Part of poster presentations will be adopted for oral sessions after an examination by the program committee.
In that case, you are supposed to present both in poster and oral session.

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Select your presentation category from the list below.

  1. Virology
  2. Parasitology
  3. Bacteriology
  4. Immunology 
  5. Vaccinology

[Selection of Poster Presentations]

Result of selection will be announced via email in late July.
The review committee is responsible for selection of poster presentations.

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