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Poster Presenter
To download the "Poster Presenters" list, please click here (PDF file 37KB)
Poster Number (Odd)
  Lunch and Poster session 1 presentation will be on 9/5 from 11:00
Poster Number (Even)
  Lunch and Poster session 2 presentation will be on 9/6 from 11:00
  Poster number red 9/5 / blue-9/6 ordered by abstract number
●Poster Specification
Please prepare the poster in accordance with the following specifications.

Secretariat will prepare a board (W90cm×H180cm ) with your abstract number as below indicated picture.
Presenters are requested to prepare posters in below specified sizes with details of abstract title,
affiliation, presenter's name and abstract.

Please place and remove your poster within the time and dates assigned below.
Thumbtacks are available at the poster presentation desk.

1). Abstract Number (will be prepared by secretariat)
2). Title of Abstract, Affiliation, presenter's name (will be prepared by presenters)
3). Abstract
PLACE YOUR POSTER; BETWEEN 12:00 to 13:30 Mon. 4th, Sep.
REMOVE YOURPOSTER; BETWEEN 12:00 to 13:00 Thu. 7th, Sep

After the above assigned removal time, the secretariat will get rid of left posters.
Poster presentation and discussion will be taken place in front of each presenter's poster.
Please wait for your presentation in front of your poster before your scheduled time during poster session

11:00-13:30 Tue. 5th Sep. , 11:00-13:30 Wed. 6th Sep.
Also, please remember to get a presenter ribbon at the desk and wear it while your presentation.

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