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Matthias Marti, Ph.D.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research,
Division of Infection & Immunity
Professional Training

1985-1989 Wirtschaftsgymnasium Typus E, Basel
1989-1991 Basic studies in biology, University of Basel
1991-1994 Advanced studies in biology, University of Basel
1995-1996 Diploma thesis in medical parasitology, University of Basel, Swiss tropical Institute
Supervision: Prof Reto Brun
1997-1998 Research Fellowship in molecular and biochemical parasitology
University of Texas at El Paso, USA.
Supervision: Prof Siddharta Das
Funding: Roche Research Foundation
1998-2002 PhD Thesis, Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich
Scientific supervision: PD Adrian B. Hehl (Institute of Parasitology)
2002 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich
Supervision: PD Adrian B. Hehl
2003- Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Division of Infection & Immunity, Melbourne, Australia.
Supervision: Prof Alan F. Cowman
Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation
Publication list

Subramanian, A.B., S. Navarro, R.A. Carrasco, M. Marti, and S. Das. 2000. Role of exogenous inositol and phosphatidylinositol in glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor synthesis of GP49 by Giardia lamblia. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1483:69-80.

Hehl, A.B., M. Marti, and P. Kohler. 2000. Stage-specific expression and targeting of cyst wall protein-green fluorescent protein chimeras in Giardia. Mol Biol Cell. 11:1789-800.

Marti, M., Y. Li, P. Kohler, and A.B. Hehl. 2002. Conformationally correct expression of membrane-anchored Toxoplasma gondii SAG1 in the primitive protozoan Giardia duodenalis. Infect Immun. 70:1014-6.

Marti, M., Y. Li, E. Schraner, P. Wild, P. Kohler, and A.B. Hehl. 2003. The secretory apparatus of an ancient eukaryote: Protein sorting to separate export pathways occurs prior to formation of transient Golgi –like compartments. Mol Biol Cell. 14:1433-47.

Comment by SM Hurtley in “Editors Choice”. Science 299: 1152.

Marti, M., A. Regös, Y. Li, E.M. Schraner, P. Wild, N. Müller, L.G. Knopf, and A.B. Hehl. 2003. An Ancestral Secretory apparatus in the Protozoan Parasite Giardia intestinalis. J Biol Chem. 278:24837-48.

Marti, M. and A.B. Hehl. 2003. Encystation-specific vesicles in Giardia: A primordial Golgi or just another secretory compartment? (Review) Trends Parasitol. 19:440-6.

Hehl, A.B., and M. Marti. 2004. Secretory trafficking in Giardia intestinalis. (Review) Molecular Microbiology. 53:19-28.

Marti, M.*, Good R.T.*, M. Rug, E. Knuepfer, and A.F. Cowman. 2004. Targeting malaria virulence and remodeling proteins to host erythrocytes. Science. 306: 1930-33.

Comment by J Przyborski and M Lanzer in “Perspectives”. Science. 305:1897-98.

Comment by S Molloy in “Research Highlights”. Nature Rev Micro. 3:97-98

Van Dooren, G.G.*, Marti, M.*, Tonkin, C.J.*, Stimmler, L.M., Cowman, A.F., and G.I. McFadden, 2005. Development of the endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondrion and apicoplast during then asexual life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum. Mol Micro. 57:405-419

Struck., N.S., De Souza Dias, S., Langer, C., Marti., M., Pearce., J.A., Cowman, A.F., and T.-W. Gilberger. 2005. Re-Defining the Golgi complex in P.falciparum using the novel Golgi marker PfGRASP. J Cell Science. 118:5603-5613.

Marti, M., Baum, J., Rug, M., Tilley, L., and A.F. Cowman, 2005. Signal-mediated protein export mechanisms from the malaria parasite to the host erythrocyte. (Review). J Cell Biol. 171:587-92.

Sargeant, T.J.*, Marti, M.*, Simpson, K., Caler, E., Carlton, J.M., Speed, T., and A.F. Cowman. 2006. Lineage-specific expansion of proteins exported from malaria parasites to host erythrocytes. Genome Biology. 7:R12.1-22.

Cooke, B.M., Buckingham, D.W., Glenister, F.K., Fernandez, K.M., Bannister, L.M., Marti, M., Mohandas, N., and R.L. Coppel. 2006. A Maurer’s cleft associated protein is essential for expression of the major malaria virulence antigen on the surface of infected red blood cells. J Cell Biol. 172:899-908.

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Shared authorships are marked with an asterisk.

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