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Cecil Czerkinsky, D.D.M., Ph.D.

Deputy Director-General for Laboratory Sciences
International Vaccine Institute

Before joining the International Vaccine Institute, Dr. Czerkinsky has been serving as the Director of the Division of Mucosal Immunology and Vaccinology at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) since 1997, focusing on basic mechanisms governing induction of immunity in mucosal organs.

Dr. Czerkinsky received doctoral degrees from the University of Lyon Medical and Dental Faculty in France, and the University of Gothenburg Medical School in Sweden. He has more than 130 scientific peer-reviewed publications in immunology and vaccinology with a major focus on mucosal vaccines and immunomodulators.

Dr. Czerkinsky invented the ELISPOT, a method for monitoring immune responses in humans and animals, which is used world-wide. His work has been focused on basic immunological mechanisms pertaining to vaccine development against infections, auto-immune disorders and allergies. Dr. Czerkinsky holds several patents in these areas and he is a co-founder of several biotechnology companies.

Selected Publications

1. Czerkinsky, C., Nilsson, L-A., Nygren, H., Ouchterlony, O., and Tarkowski, A. 1983. A solid phase enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISPOT) assay for the enumeration of specific antibody-secreting cells. J. Immunol. Methods 65:109.
2. Czerkinsky, C., Prince, S.J., Russell, M.W., Moldoveanu, Z., Jackson, S., Michalek, S.M., McGhee, J.R., and Mestecky, J. 1987. IgA antibody-producing cells in peripheral blood after antigen ingestion: evidence for a common mucosal immune system in humans. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (U.S.A.) 84:2449.
3. Czerkinsky, C., Anderson, G., Nilsson, L-A., Eckre, H-P., Klareskog, L., and Ouchterlony, O. 1988. Reverse ELISPOT assay for clonal analysis of cytokine production. I. Detection of gamma interferon-secreting cells. J. Immunol. Methods 110: 29.
4. Quiding, M., Nordstrom, I., Kilander, A.,Anderson, G., Hanson, L.-A., Holmgren, J., and Czerkinsky, C. 1991. Intestinal immune responses in humans. Oral cholera vaccination induces strong intestinal antibody responses, gamma-interferon production, and evokes local immunological memory. J. Clin. Invest. 88:143.
5. Furuta Y., Eriksson K., Svennerholm B, Fredman P, Horal P, Jeansson S, Vahlne A, Holmgren J and Czerkinsky C. 1994. Infection of colonic and vaginal epithelial cells by the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 is neutralized by antibodies raised against conserved epitopes in the envelope glycoprotein gp 120. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 91: 12559-12563.
6. Sun JB, Holmgren J, and Czerkinsky C. 1994. Cholera toxin B subunit: an effective tansmucosal carrier delivery system for induction of peripheral immunological tolerance. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 91:10795-99.
7. Sun J-B, Rask C, Olsson T, Holmgren J, Czerkinsky C. 1996. Treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by feeding myelin basic protein conjugated to cholera toxin B subunit. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 93: 7196-7201.
8. Bergerot I, Ploix C, Pedersen J, Moulin V, Rask C, Fabien N, Lindblad M, Mayer A, Czerkinsky C. 1997. A cholera toxoid-insulin conjugate as oral vaccine against spontaneous autoimmune diabetes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 4610-4614.
9. Quiding-Jarbrink M, Nordström I, Granström G, Kilander A, Jertborn M, Butcher E, Lazarovits AJ, Holmgren J, Czerkinsky C. 1997. Differential expression of tissue-specific adhesion molecules on human circulating antibody-forming cells after, systemic, enteric and nasal immunizations. A molecular basis for the compartmentalization of effector B cell responses. J. Clin. Invest. 99:1281-1286.
10. Sun JB, Mielcarek N, Lakew M, Grzych JM, Capron A, Holmgren J, Czerkinsky C 1999. Intranasal administration of a Schistosoma mansoni glutathione S-transferase-cholera toxoid conjugate vaccine evokes antiparasitic and antipathological immunity in mice. J Immunol. 163:1045-52.
11. Anjuere F, George-Chandy A, Audant F, Rousseau D, Holmgren J, Czerkinsky C. 2003. Transcutaneous Immunization with Cholera Toxin B Subunit Adjuvant Suppresses IgE Antibody Responses Via Selective Induction of Th1 Immune Responses. J Immunol. 170:1586-92.
12. Holmgren J, Harandi AM, Czerkinsky C. 2003. Mucosal adjuvants and anti-infection and anti-immunopathology vaccines based on cholera toxin, cholera toxin B subunit and CpG DNA. Expert Rev Vaccines 2(2): 205-217
13. Anjuere F, Luci C, Lebens M, Rousseau D, Hervouet C, Milon G, Holmgren J, Ardavin C, Czerkinsky C. 2004. In vivo adjuvant-induced mobilization and maturation of gut dendritic cells after oral administration of cholera toxin. J Immunol. 173:5103-11.
14. Holmgren J and Czerkinsky C. 2005. Mucosal Immunity and mucosal vaccines. Nature Med 11:45-53.
15. Luci C, Hervouet C, Rousseau D, Czerkinsky C, Anjuere F. 2006. Dendritic cell-mediated induction of mucosal cytotoxic responses following intravaginal immunization with the nontoxic B subunit of cholera toxin.
J Immunol. 2006 176:2749-57.
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